How do I make a difference at work? Excel Basics: Shortcuts

Written by BFAN Network Team

In each edition we will be sharing Excel tips to help accountants discover quicker, faster and more efficient ways of working.

Let’s start with the basics …

TIP1: Excel shortcuts

 Shortcuts allow you to perform tasks without leaving the keyboard. There are multiple shortcuts with Excel that can help you to save your time, speed up your work and enhance your productivity.

1-To create a new book, Use Ctrl N   or Command N for Mac

2-To open a new book, Use Ctrl O or Command O for Mac 

Scenario 1:

Assuming that we want to create or open a new book without using this shortcut method

  • At the toolbar bar menu, hit ‘File’, ‘New’. A new page pops up and you double click. This is a total of 3 actions or commands.

Scenario 2:

Let’s do the same exercise but using the shortcut method: Hit ‘Ctrl N’.

Assuming that each command takes 2 seconds using the shortcut method, research shows the same action takes 6 seconds with the traditional method.

Therefore 67% of your time is being saved by using Excel shortcuts!

  • Do you want to do things faster, better, i.e. differently?
  • Are you ready to spend your time on more productive tasks?

If the answer is ‘yes’, here are a few more shortcuts to make your life easy at work.

3-To save a workbook, use Ctrl S or Command S for Mac

4-To save as, use F12

5-To print a file, use Ctrl P or Command P for Mac

6-To close current workbook, use Ctrl F4 or Command W for Mac

7-To close Excel, use Alt F4 or Command Q for Mac

 I hope you find these tips helpful!

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