Networking: 5 Easy Steps for 2017

Written by BFAN Network


Joining any new network can be a little daunting,  since you may not know what to expect and it may not be immediately clear how you can give back to your network peers.

Here are some great action steps that will get you off to a great start and allow you to make an immediate contribution to helping each other grow this new network

Share our published content with your own networks

We currently publish our own and third party content across several sites including Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Connect with us on Linkedin, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. To help us spread the word much faster and connect with as many of our target audience as possible, please share, like and re-tweet our posts.


Invite accountants from your own network to join 

“Who else do I know that would be interested in joining?” Many of us accountants may know others in the field. Even if we don’t there are several easy ways to find them

  • Family, friends and other colleagues. Accounting is one of those professions – virtually everybody knows somebody, who in turns know somebody who just might be an accountant!

ELC WLF Minneapolis 7-10-12

  • Your Linkedin connections and groups. Chances are that you are a member of several finance and accounting groups on Linkedin, so this is a really easy way to invite another accountant
  • Your Facebook friends and groups. Similar to Linkedin since many accountants also have Facebook accounts
  • Other social media sites such as twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc

Connect with each other 

After you have connected on our Linkedin Profile Page, we encourage you to join our Linkedin Group.

This is by far the fastest and most effective way of meeting all other network members online, regardless of geographical location or time zone, since you can message group members at any time. This is the best way to gain visibility of who else has joined and to learn a little bit about their background. You can see if there are common interests and connect directly with that person and start to build relationships.


When every network connection joins the corresponding Linkedin group, this creates a central repository of knowledge and expertise, that can be tapped upon at any time by any member as a way of us helping each other. Professional development and personal growth opportunities emerge as a result of sharing information, experiences and insights.

Actively demonstrate your subject matter expertise

One of the most effective ways of doing this is through writing a 700 word article in your area of expertise, be it leadership, people management, career tips, auditing, treasury, financial analysis, management accounting or Microsoft Excel. Virtually anything that is relevant to what we do as accountants, will be accepted.

Everyone knows something and that something is definitely worth sharing, to the benefit of somebody else within the network.


You can send articles to all year round and we will publish them. We will also be looking for contributors to submit articles for our Quarterly newsletters.

Actively support our network development and expansion initiatives

Right now we are working on our GOAL500 initiative. Please support us in every way we can as we work towards this target.

Thanks everyone!

Photo Courtesy:wocintechchat

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