GOAL 500 Update: New Target date June 30, 2018

As you know, we are a completely self funded volunteer start up.
To this end in our quest to reach as many sisters as possible, we need to help each other.

We need to come together and collectively work towards achieving the following goals by our next target date of  June 30, 2018

We need help each other reach potential members through our families, friends, church, workplaces and all our other networks, business and personal.
Having achieved GOAL 500 for the number of connections on our Linkedin Profile page and number of articles tweeted (well in advance of our previous deadline!), here are our new targets:
– 500 Twitter followers
– 500 Likes on our Facebook page
These targets are ambitious and, just like last time, we can do it!
Please add @bfannetwork, @GOAL500 to your tweets.
Please add ‘Black Female Accountants Network’ when you share articles on Linkedin
Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page.
Invite as many other people as you can to do the same!
Thanks for your ongoing support!

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