New CPA Study Program Initiative


My name is Ope Ojekale and I’m currently going through the CPA PEP program. While I have been very fortunate with the program, I have heard many stories about people spending longer on the program because of mistakes that were easily avoidable. Because of this, I would like to set up a Q & A webinar session where people can ask their questions about the CPA PEP program and I can provide answers based on my personal experience. This webinar will work best if I can get feedback from you, my fellow BFAN members. What I need from you is to reach out to people who are currently in the CPA program or plan to start the program soon. I would love to get an idea of the kind of questions people would want me to answer.  Some ideas of questions/issues that I have noted are:

  • How to make sure you get all the CPA prerequisites during university so you don’t have to take the CPA PREP program
  • How to structure your CPA prep modules to ensure you write your CFE on time
  • How to tackle the weekly assignments and study for the module exams

These are just a few examples I have come across. I would love to hear more suggestions so I can make this webinar as beneficial as possible.


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