Leadership Framework: A House Built to Last

Written by Brigitte Hyacinth


Source: Brigitte Hyacinth

Building your leadership dream house can be one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavours you can undertake. It is prudent to follow a building plan, although you can never be fully prepared or estimate the full cost due to the uncertainty of the journey. Taking the scope of the venture into account before you get started can help make the process go more efficiently.


LOVE – The law of love is the foundation of leadership. Leadership that is built on shifting sand, or other unstable surfaces as greed and selfishness will likely fail over a period. People are the greatest asset to any organization. They are the ones who must implement, commit and transform the organization. Our motives and purpose for leading must be pure. To look after others solely for their own good, with no selfish motives, is to reveal true leadership. We do not coerce others to follow us. We want them to do so of their free will. Love is power. When one looks around the world, the fruits of hate is destructive. British writer William Somerset Maugham once said that “the greatest tragedy of life is not that men perish, but that they cease to love.” We feel it in our hearts, and see it in our homes, but why don’t really see it at work!

To look after others solely for their own good, with no selfish motives, is to reveal true leadership.                                                                                                                      Click To Tweet

STAIRS – These are the steps that allow you to move forward. This elevation will prevent the floods of doubt and fear from cancelling your dream in the initial stage.

  • Vision & Mission. Vision is future oriented. Having a clear vision of where you are going is crucial in any human endeavour. A mission is the statement of purpose. It’s the reason for your existence. It is designed to guide the everyday actions of and decisions made by a leader.
  • Goals and Strategy. A goal is a specific aim that the leader works toward. Goals have certain results that are achievable and measurable. They can either be short term or long term. Once you have drafted the goals, you can formulate a strategy for getting there. Strategy is your blueprint or plan of action designed to achieve the goals. You can’t inspire others to follow you if the direction is not clear.  

You can’t inspire others to follow you if the direction is not clear.           Click To Tweet

THE FOUR PILLARS – You must uphold your leadership structure on these 4 qualities (hope, humility, integrity and authenticity. These posts build your teams’ trust and confidence in you which is needed to influence them. If you ignore any one of these pillars, your leadership will eventually crumble.

  • Humility allows one to set their ego aside. When consistently pursued and prudently polished over time, it is a powerful force for good that helps to sustain success. Scientific research into the power and effectiveness of humility has shown that it offers a significant “competitive advantage” to leaders.
  • Authenticity means being genuine and not putting on a show. If you want your team to trust you and you want their commitment, you will need to be authentic. Living authentically is a noble path that you won’t regret following. Authentic leadership is a constant journey and commitment, both to your own growth and to the growth of others.
  • Integrity. Research on leadership has consistently rated integrity as one of the most important character traits of a respected leader. Integrity, defined. “Adherence to moral and ethical principles, soundness of moral character. Integrity—is like a code of honour. If you are a person of integrity, you have certain values and beliefs that you live by. Integrity is one of the essential building blocks of character.
  • Hope is the cornerstone of leadership. Challenging times like these that we are facing, are the most difficult in which to lead, especially as the workplace changes, the economy struggles, and employees live in fear and uncertainty of their jobs. People are challenged to remain motivated. The ability to instil hope is a necessary leadership trait.


  • Frame up walls with Commitment. Commitment is the cement that holds the structure together. Demonstrate determination and a strong work ethic.
  • Ceiling rafters of Wisdom. This ties the roof and the pillars together. “All men by nature,” wrote Aristotle, “desire to know.” Learning is intended to make us wise. Wisdom is discernment, understanding and foresight. The ability to know when to switch between autocratic and democratic style. Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge in a practical way. Wisdom means embracing continuous learning. It is also exercising self-control.
  • The Roof of Faith. While hope looks to the future, faith believes in the present. Let faith be your covering. Genuine faith reaches beyond what we can see, feel and touch. As with the foundation, the roof is fundamental to the veracity of your leadership structure. Faith provides assurances in the present.

Faith is like radar that sees through the fog” —Corrie Ten Boom               Click To Tweet


The full unabbreviated version of this article can be found here


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