Winning tickets to the BAIE 2017

Written by Yannique Ewers

Hi everyone,
My name is Yannique, an International MBA student studying at Schulich School of Business. I have an environmental background, majoring in Marine Biology at the bachelor level and working with several environmental organizations. I have now switched gears and am pursuing a career in the accounting/finance sphere. As a requirement of my program, I need to complete an internship in my second language, French. Therefore, in the short term, I am actively seeking a summer internship in Quebec. Once I graduate in 2018, I aim to enroll in the CPA certification program and further pursue a career in tax accounting/risk management. 
In my search for accounting professionals and accounting knowledge, I found the Black Female Accountants Network (BFAN). Through this network, I have learned more about the accounting profession and received much motivation to continue in my pursuits.
It was through BFAN that I got connected to I recently won four tickets to an amazing event: Black Arts and Innovation Expo (BAIE) 2017! This event was well organized and well catered. The decor was beautiful and it provided a full experience: professionals from the arts and technology spheres who were willing and able to explain their displays. Though I was not able to stay for the evening entertainment, my classmate with whom I shared my ticket, recounted how well thought out the awards and entertainment segment was.
I am truly grateful to the BFAN network!
Yannique Ewers – IMBA Candidate 2018

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