Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta on Change Leadership

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Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

Tell us a bit about yourself 

“I am intensely passionate about Change, the dynamics of change and driving towards positive results. So much so that I wrote a book on the Change Mindset. I work with professionals and organizations to help them successfully transition through change. I am an Organizational Change Management Lead, Change Leadership Advocate, and provide training to leaders and organizations on leading and managing change.”

For those members unfamiliar with the term, how would you define change leadership?

“Change Leadership is a skill and core competency required by every professional and leader to be successful. It is the ability for one to influence and lead change within and outside their circle, the ability to inspire and mobilize others towards a vision, and a much-needed skill in today’s fast-paced business environment. It is easy to assume that Change Leadership is a requirement for someone in the position of leadership, however, that would be far from the truth, the ability to be able to influence and bring about a desired outcome is a valuable skill not only for a leader, but also for professionals wanting to be more effective on the job and advance their careers.”

The Toronto 2017 Change Leadership Event was a runaway success in my view. What inspired you to create such an event?

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“Having worked with many leaders and organizations as a Change Management Lead, one of the gaps we identified as the reason for failed and low ROIs on Change Initiatives was a lack of strong change leadership. The key objective for these events is to empower professionals, leaders and organizations with the knowledge, skills and tools to lead and drive change that is successful and results in higher returns on investment.”

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– We recently discussed that a key ingredient for any project or initiative is excellent teamwork and volunteer passion. What advice would you give a new network like ours, in this regard?

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” Teamwork makes the dream work, this includes delegating as well as adding value to the volunteers, and having a clear and common purpose that everyone can believe in and drive towards. Also, in the early stages of many organizations, there are likely to be challenges and limited resources, and the key to success here will be mindset; having a mindset of grit, perseverance and belief to push through these challenges.”

– What motivates you?

“Passion and Privilege. Having identified what I am passionate about and strongly believe in, keeps me going. As well, I have a strong sense of gratitude that I am privileged to know what I love doing, and have the means to do it as well. I never take these for granted, to whom much is given, much is also expected. Another tactical thing that I do is renewing my mind day after day, especially when things seem tough or I feel unmotivated, then I am renewing my mind every second on the minute.”

Without any doubt, you are a role model and an example of female professional excellence. Who are your role models and why?

“First and foremost, my mum. This might seem a little cliché and boring, but it is the simple truth, she was my first exposure to entrepreneurship and investing. My father also played a strong role in me having a strong mindset of belief in self. My second role model is the Proverbs 31 Woman who I believe is exemplified in Michelle Obama. For me, Michelle demonstrates that a woman can be successful in their own right, and yet be family oriented, and be authentic in who they truly are regardless of external pressures.”

As an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Change Consultant and Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Yvonne works closely with her clients to help them get the results they desire and help make change stick.


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