Introducing and Referring Potential Members to our Network



A BIG thank you to all of you who referred ladies to join us since launch and helped us smash “Linkedin Connections GOAL500” well in advance of the June 30 2017 target date!!!! 

If you know or would like to recommend ladies who are interested in joining us, or if you receive an enquiry, here’s the set of next action steps.

  • Send them details of who we are as a membership and our network profile (vision, mission, core values, Christian faith based, ladies living and working in the Diaspora only)
  • Send them our FAQs so that they can decide if there is a good fit with our networking approach
  • Ask them to send us an invite to connect (Tip: if they were referred by you, ask them to add a note and include who referred them in the invite message) on Linkedin
  • Once their invitation is accepted, they become new members and will be added to our mailing list to receive our newsletter
  • Once they become members, invite them to join our Linkedin group to receive articles, networking opportunities and event updates through our community partners
  • #GOAL500: Invite them to follow us on Twitter Instagram and like / follow our Facebook page!
  • Once the above steps are completed, ask them to message us at, if they live in the Greater Toronto Area / Downtown Core and would like details of the next BFAN meeting.

IMG_20170610_110154463 (2)














Thank you for your continued support!



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