1. Is Black Female Accountants Network  (BFAN Network) open to men also becoming members?

BFAN is a women only network with a focus is on the black female accountant experience, which they know and understand. This network’s vision is that every black female accountant is empowered to make a difference in the profession, workplace and community at large.

2. How do I get onto the newsletter distribution list?
Please email us at bfannetwork@gmail.com, with “Subscribe’ in the subject line
3. You mention that BFAN Network is based on Christian values. As an agnostic, can I still join?
As a faith based network, BFAN Network uses Christian values as the basis for its own core values, working in sisterly love to empower black female accountants. As a result the network’s approach and the way it operates will be of most relevance and benefit to those ladies who share our belief in Jesus Christ as our personal saviour.
4. I would like to write an article. what are the writing guidelines and how do I submit my completed article?
Please send a request to bfannetwork@gmail.com and we will advise you of the guidelines and how to submit your article
5. How can I start interacting with other BFAN Network members?
Connect with us on Linkedin. Once you have connected, email us at bfannetwork@gmail.com to get access to our private, members only Linkedin Group, where you can start connecting and sharing right away! Our connections are ‘open’ on the BFAN Linkedin profile page so feel free to send connection invites to other members and start building those relationships!
6, Where can we go to find out more about BFAN Network?
If you cannot find what you are looking for on this website please email us at bfannetwork@gmail.com with the nature of your enquiry. We will respond within 72 hours.

7. Is BFAN Network another governing body that we have to register with?

BFAN Network is not a governing body like CPA Canada, CPA Ontario, CIMA Canada or ACCA Canada. It is a network created to meet the professional development needs and interests of other black female accountants or students. Many of our members are however registered members of  these governing bodies.

8. Can I join this network even if I am not an accounting student?

BFAN Network is created specifically to connect black females in the accounting profession. If you are an accountant or in the process of becoming one then this is a network that you can join. The specific nature of the network makes it necessary for you to be in the profession. You can still subscribe to our newsletter and come to our general open events.

9. I am an experienced finance and accounting professional and I do not hold an accounting designation. Am I eligible to join?

Any female finance and accounting professional, student or undergraduate of Black African / Caribbean origin, from one or both parents, is eligible to join.